Lviv Ukraine hotel Wien

In autumn of 2005 the Hotel Vienna (Wien) opened in the centre of Lvov and harmoniously combines a high level of service, a loyal pricing policy, the Austrian delicacy and Ukrainian hospitality. The hotel occupies the second and third floors above the famous restaurant with a 177-year history, “The Wiena coffee house“, where you can try a cup of the real Lvov coffee and listen to the sounds of the Viennese waltz. By the way, a slight odor of roasted coffee beans literally permeates the atmosphere of the hotel, creating an almost home comfort.
The famous Lvov Opera House, Jesuit Church, Cathedral, Town Hall, Armenian Church and many other monuments are located a few steps away from the hotel, making it an ideal location from which you can begin an acquaintance with ancient Lvov.

The hotel’s interior, as a whole, and each room has a personal “Wien” style created with high-quality and comfortable furniture, elegant curtains, elegant light fixtures, and art photographs with landscapes of the city. The hotel “Wien” includes twenty-modern double and single rooms. Each room contains air conditioning, cable TV, telephone, and internet access.

Standart 1 is an apartment with 1 or 2 beds, bedside tables, wardrobe, luggage rack, bathroom (shower stall);

Suite is a spacious 1-room apartment with balcony, overlooking the Svobody Avenue. 1 or 2 single beds, dressing table, folding armchair, wardrobe, luggage rack, and bathroom.

Deluxe is spacious 2-room apartment whose windows offer panoramic views of Svobody Avenue, consisting of living room and bedroom furnished in an antique style.

best climber machine

Health and fitness machines

There are many machines used for fitness purpose. These machines help you to accomplish an extensive collection of workouts. Some of the machines are framed to target particular muscles, while some residue of a combined machine structures that emphasis the entire body. Mostly the domestic gym machines are multi-deported machines as they are comparatively low in price and possess limited space then acquiring various machines for each muscle association.

Machines do provide convenience but they are prejudice. They are basically accessible in handling and more secure than weight lifting. But free weights apt to promote more muscle as you have to utilize more equilibrium muscles in association to bring harmony to the free weights.

Leg Press Machine

Most of the people consider that squats are the most excellent comprehensive leg workout. The leg press machine is the perfect machine for leg exercise. Mostly this machine is set on a 45 degree angle. With this machine you can harmlessly up lift the massive weights beyond being pessimistic about gliding or collapsing. It points minor stress on the lower back and knees then squats.

Back Squat Machine

This is an excellent machine of the traditional dumbbell stubby. This is respected for flourishing the peripheral span of the thighs.

Leg Extension Machine

This machine is best for detaching the quadriceps muscles. Most of the people love to adopt this workout for pre debilitating their quadriceps and warming up their knee joints ahead of provoking on to squats or leg presses.

best climber machine

maxi climber

Leg Curl Machine

This machine is among the most excellent hamstring workouts. Some of the gyms may have a leg extension and leg curl machine features into one machine just like in most of the household gym machines.

Calf Machines

Calf machines are basically of two types, one is standing calf raise and the second one is seated calf raise. The standing calf raise hits the upper calf muscles such as gastrocnemius and the seated calf raise targets the lower calf muscles like soleus.

Leg Adduction / Abduction Machine

This machine targets the central thighs called adduction and the external thighs known as abduction. Some of the gyms have two independent tools for adduction and abduction, whereas some gyms have both the workouts connected into one machine.

Pull down Machine

This activity is much identical to gallants. Most of the people admit that chin-ups are of high caliber in correlation to the knock over machine. The customer becomes capable of lifting their body weight. Mostly the people are not pretty enough powerful to adequately hit their backs with this workout, so the pull down machine is an excellent substitute

Pec Deck Machine

This is an enormous machine for setting apart the visual muscles of chest. Some of the pec decks have a couple of steep arm pads where you accommodate your forearms well, whereas some others have knobs that you grip in your hands.

Cables and Pulleys

Most of the gyms have the combination of cable and pulley machines. Generally there is a heavy heap that is associated to a lengthy cable that has a tiny shaft or bar at the edge. You can carry out exercises for your whole body using the pulleys.

Weight machine

Weight machines grant you to build up one particular muscle at a time, so they are very productive for up lifting muscle and power. They also maintain your dimension of gesture in notice, as they don’t permit for such complementary activity. Many gyms mostly have at least two weight machines for every dominant muscle groups such as the shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps and both the upper and lower back. You should always read the instructions on the machine for appropriate seat height and induction of your body parts to avert injury and guarantee that your structure is accurate.

Power Rack

The power rack permits you to carry heavy weights without a sentry. Its steel rails sketch a hexahedron or arched rectangle you can step into. The dumbbells go aligned through the center of the cube, sticking out the center of the edges. You can decide security breaks at any level you wish.  If you are performing a bench press, for example, you’d set the break up at just above trunk peak so that if you fail to complete your work out, the bar will approach the brakes to stop.

Wrist Roller

There are wrist roller machines for fitness and health but it is much typical to see a free weight, wrist roller, a precise rod with a diameter of rope joined to it and a weight plate at the edge of the rope. To lift your wrist enlargers with the wrist tide, hold the small rod with your palms down sided then revolve the rod toward you, wrapping the rope around it to lift the weight.

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Dyson vacuum cleaner

The Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Best Dyson vacuum reviews

 The Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Upright Vacuum cleaner offers the innovative Dyson Ball technology, making this machine convenient to work around furniture and obstacles.

dc 25

The Features of the Dyson DC25

  • Signature Dyson Ball Technology. This revolutionary feature allows you to twist and turn the Dyson DC25 Animal Ball around furniture and obstructions for a thorough vacuuming. It also facilitates easy mobility in vacuuming tight areas, edges, and corners.


  • Root Cyclone Technology. This is another patented innovative feature from Dyson that provides power to the Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Upright vacuum in picking up dust and even microscopic dust elements excellently. It also works fantastically in capturing willful pet hair from upholstery and carpets. This feature guarantees a solid and complete suction power.


  • HEPA Filter Guaranteed for a Lifetime. The Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Upright vacuum features a washable filter that will last you a lifetime. This saves you from purchasing and changing filters. It traps any kind of dust and dirt, including imperceptible allergens like pollen and mold. Even the tiniest dust particles are sucked by this vacuum.

The Benefits Customers Get from Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Vacuum

Dyson vacuum cleaner

  • It has a strong and effective suction power. The suction level of this vacuum is very powerful and remains the same until you are finished cleaning your home.
  • It emits cleaner and safer air. The Dyson C25 Animal-Ball Technology does not only clean your floors, walls, upholstery, stairs, etc. It also gives off cleaner and safer air because it traps the dust, dirt, and allergens. This assures you that clean and safe air comes out of the vacuum, which is good for breathing.
  • It is great for households with pets. This vacuum is specifically designed for households with pets. It is effective in capturing stubborn pet hairs from carpets.
  • It is superb in cleaning difficult to reach spaces such as crevices of the stairs, corners of the sofa, and the small pockets in the car.
  • It cleans unreachable spaces such as walls and drapes. The wand extends up to 16 feet making it feasible to vacuum out-of-the-way spaces.
  • It has a big capacity removable dust bin. The dust bin of this vacuum has a 1/3-gallon capacity. To empty the bin, you only need to press a single button to release it. This removes the need to manage dust collector bag that you need to wash so you can use it again. The clear polycarbonate material of the bin lets you see the amount of dirt and dust collected, so you know if it needs to be emptied.
  • It has a long cord length. The cord measures 24 ¾ feet so you can move from one area to another, without the need to unplug it.
  • It comes with extra cleaning tools. This includes a stair tool, combination accessory tool, and a mini turbine head attachment, all of which helps in cleaning your home, upholstery, furniture, etc. quickly and easily. This gives you a complete machine!
  • It has earned an Asthma and Allergy Friendly Device certification from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty on parts and labor.



My Awesome Singapore Trip!

From Thailand, you can choose from several choices of airlines to Singapore with round-trip fare about $110 – $120. Once reaching Singapore, you will mostly use bus and MRT system (MRT) as they are ranked as the cheapest and most commonly used here.

singapore travel


Just step on the subway or bus, you can reach almost all the famous attractions in the Lion Island. In order to not wasting time, you can buy EZ Link card with just $15 to use these public transportation.

These cards are rechargable, with only one card, you can to go all the places in Singapore. One of the attractive things in Singapore is its diversity in cusine.

Basically, Singapore cuisine is affected mainly by Chinese and Indians, therefore, the taste of food here is not too different from Vietnamese restaurants. You can try different kinds of food in food court at malls like Vivo and Orchard.

No matter how much money you want to save by eating cheap food in food court, don’t forget to try at least one of these Singapore signature dish: chilli crab or pepper crab at a restaurant located at the 3rd floor of Vivo City, or ground floor hall of the Esplanade, you can either eat this at a restaurant in China town too, frog porridge in Geylang or Indian cuisine at Xpress Dunlop Street…

singapore travel

Of course the main part when we come to Singapore is to visit places that only present here, some of these are Marina Bay: Visit the Merlion Park and see with your own eyes the two out of five Merlion statues – the symbol of Singapore, shooting with the Esplanade, enjoy Singapore Flyer ferris standing and have the perfect view of this country or take a visit to Marina Bay Sands.

Sentosa Island: You only have to spend money if you use the monorail to come here from Vivo city, or you can just walk there and go sightseekng at the same time. Sentosa is a must to visit with plenty of things to enjoy such as Universal Studio ($64 -74) or Aquamarine ($ 40 – 45)…. You can either have a walk and visit the largest Merlion statue here, go swimming at the beach or go shopping.

All you need to have is a Sentosa tourist map given at the hotel reception. Sri Mariamman Temple: the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore, located in Chinatown. St. Andrew: white church built in Neo-Gothic school.

Singapore Art Museum: Free ticket to visit from 18h – 21h. Clarke Harbour Bridge with shops selling old and antique stuffs, they also have flea markets on Sundays and countless restaurants with food and drink that will surprise you. Especially here, tourists who love adventure can try to feel the suffocating tension with bungy jumping game. Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, one of the busiest arts center in the world, this place is a must for visitors who have interest in art and architecture.

Chinatown: the place in which from the roads to the bedrooms and kitchens in the period from late 19th century to early 20th century was recreated precisely is a part of Singapore history alongside other amazing things.

Besides sightseeing, most people prefer shopping in Singapore. You can either go shopping in luxurious malls such as Vivo city, Orchard… or go to the cheap markets like Burgis street, Mustafa center or Far East Plaze


Finding the Best Pressure Cooker for your Kitchen

When looking for a Pressure cooker, we ask what size of Pressure cooker is the best. Though it’s good to ask yourself, don’t fall to the mistake that it’s the only thing to consider. Basically, if you live alone, going for a small pressure cooker is a sensible pick. If you already have your own family, a bigger pressure cooker is ideal. The smallest you could find is a 3 cup pressure cooker while the biggest would be about 80 cup pressure cooker often used commercially like in restaurants. Even though you live alone, going for the smallest option should not be your choice when you are often visited by family, friends or relatives. There are also other uses for a cooker like for bread and cake recipes. With this, you need one that is at the medium size – not too small and not too big either. The ideal size of a cooker is 5.5 cup. A lot of people go with this size. Below are more considerations.

Your budget also plays a major role in your purchasing decision. Ask yourself how much you plan to spend for the cooker. If you frequently use it and thinks about using it also for other recipes aside from rice, it’s worth spending more. Regular use of any kitchenware would eventually shorten its life easily. A high quality pressure cooker is needed to handle frequent usage. You’ll definitely end up buying a new pressure cooker from time to time when you settle for one that is cheap but low in quality. When you go for cookers manufactured by known companies, you’ll enjoy a guarantee or warranty. Such companies are willing to offer a warranty since they have big confidence in their product.


Here tips from best restaurants in orlando

It is also necessary to think about the type of grains you wanted to cook. Most pressure cookers are good with cooking different type of grains like millet, quinoa and others even though it is not specified. This will not be a problem especially when only done occasionally. However, if you are among the many who frequently cooks grains other than rice, it is best to choose a pressure cooker that is appropriate for this kind of setting.

In looking for this kitchenware in the market, you’ll be presented with different features. This is how manufacturers attract buyers. To avoid confusion, it is good to identify the features you are looking for in a cooker. Of course, you wanted to have one that is easy to use, durable, one that comes with an alarm when rice is ready and a lot more. The more features the cooker has, the better. Also do not forget about the keep-warm feature of a cooker for this always comes in handy. It ensures that you always serve warm rice.

If you need a best pressure cooker, it is necessary that you think about the factors mentioned above. Do not just go with any cooker you see in the market or in the internet and be in a lot of regret in the end. Be an intelligent buyer regardless of the product you plan to purchase.

What is pressure cooker?

Most cooks can survive with just a good stockpot, a skillet and a sharp knife. However, not anyone have that much time to prepare a meal, thankfully, a took which is fantastic to prepare healthy food in less time and for less money was born – the pressure cooker. It develops the characteristic flavors and textures of foods so quickly that a conventionally long process becomes hardly more time-consuming than a causal sauté. From soups to rice and beans, roasted vegetables or braised meats, cake, moon cake… the pressure cooker can deal with them all.

With a lot of convenient functions, pressure cooker is also a great help to save energy and keep the nutrients in food while cooking. It can have you to save 60 to 70 percent of cooking time, which means you use up to two-thirds less energy, which means money saving. Therefore, pressure cooker has been used more and more these days, which leads to the risk of many accidents including cooker exploding or users get burnt.

The pressure cooker produces pressure by heating water and generating steam. Pressure cooker has closed lid, when in used, the vapor increases inside but is not capable to escape which increases pressure and temperature. The steam is kept inside and when the pressure reaches its threshold, the excess escapes through a valve to balance the internal and external pressure, if this valve’s broken, pressure cooker can explode due to the high pressure. Another jeopardy is opening the lid while cooking.


The temperature inside pressure cooker can go up to 150oC, therefore, when the food is done, users need to decrease pressure using the purge valve or use a wood chopstick to do the job before opening its lid.

There are various types of pressure cooker with various functions, each type has its own manual and the users must read it carefully. Beside, make sure to buy cookers from trustworthy distributors. When using pressure cooker, users should follow some of these tips:

  • Close the lid tightly and check all the valves to see if they’re blocked or not. Steam escaping from the lid signaling the lid is not closed and need to be rechecked.
  • If using a pressure cooker on oven, turn the heat off and wait until it cools down to room temperature before opening lid to ensure that the pressure went down. Keep face and hands away from cooker.
  • Notice the cooking time since water boils faster insider the pressure cooker than normal, do not let it drain because it can damage the cooker. It is advised to use a timer.
  • Clean the pressure cooker frequently, especially the valves, do not let food, oil, dust block the valves because it can lead to explode.
  • Do not put too much food inside the cooker, especially those which can create foam, keep it below 2/3 of cooker’s capacity.